Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pretty and Polished Happy Birthday 2013

I wanted to hurry up and get this posted before the end of the month in case anyone was thinking of purchasing before the month is up.

This is Pretty and Polish's new birthday club polish for the year 2013!

More pictures after the jump!
Pretty and Polished started a birthday club!  They will send you a mini polish and a nail file for free with your order if you order something during the month of your birthday!  I love the idea and I just happened to have ordered something in the month of January before she even sent this birthday club information out!  Below are some pictures of the polish, and I will hopefully apply it this week since my birthday is on Thursday!

How cute is that!  Hopefully I will update this post soon when I paint my nails - it may not happen before my birthday as I have an exam on my birthday.  I know, right?  Only one class and it just happens to have an exam on my birthday.  Oh well, it has happened before actually, so the world turns.

I got a chance to paint my nails before my birthday!  The polish is sooooo cute!  I love the little white glitters in the pale pink crelly base - it really makes it look more like cupcakes or icing with sprinkles. It was easy to apply, considering the enormous amount of glitter per brush stroke.  I applied 3 coats in these pictures because the first coat was so sheer.  The last coat was really to just patch up some bald spots where there may not have been enough glitter to cover the vnl (visible nail line).  I don't like vnl, so I am willing to do a 3rd coat of patching up to avoid vnl.

Please excuse the cuticles - I didn't even realize they were that bad!  It recently got really cold and windy, and I was cleaning up dog poo all day as well.

I also want to say that I have decided not to watermark my photos for now, which is why all the posts were posted on the same day - they were sitting in draft mode for a week or so while I tried and failed to find an easy way to watermark through iPhoto and my iPad.  If you have an easy way, let me know! For now, they go unwatermarked.

Below is the beautiful Orly Purple Pleather, a "plastic" or rubber matter finish polish, on my friend and mentor from my research lab.  She loved it so much on her that she bought one for herself!  I let her pick out a polish from my handy Nail Polish Swatch Book, and she was most excited about this one's color and finish.

We tried out a technique I read on another blog, can't remember which one, where you apply a layer of top coat in between the first and second coat for matte finish polishes.  I think it made it last a bit longer as she wore it for a good few days with only a few chips.  It also helped it dry faster, I think.

And, of course, here's Kairi looking fierce at 8 weeks old!  Look how viscious!


  1. thanks for the info about the birthday deal.. mine is coming up in March so I may have to keep this in mind :)

    I nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! congratulations :)

    1. haha I'm a dork. happy birthday!

    2. If you're a dork, I'm a dork! Thanks for nominating me! So I just follow the directions for the award? How do you win the award? Or is it just a fun way to meet other bloggers? I don't know that many new blogs, I guess I will have to look for some.