Monday, January 28, 2013

ManGlaze Nawsome Sauce

Matte, green, and sparkly!

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Who doesn't love a polish with edgy names and unique artwork on the bottle?  ManGlaze is such a cool company, much better than buying another pink polish from OPI with a corny name like "Suzie Nail-ed Up Her Paint-ing" or something long-winded and meaningless.  ManGlaze is matte nail polish made by men for men.  Of course lots and lots of women own their stuff, too.  Lesbi-honest is on my wishlist simply because of the name and the artwork.

Below I added top coat because it wasn't drying, more on that at the end.

Anywho, so my experience with the actual polishes is disappointing.  As matte polishes you can't apply topcoat if you want it to look like they intended it to.  However, as a matte polish, I expect it to dry very fast and require only one coat to speed up the drying since I can't apply my quick dry top coat.  ManGlaze polishes are not the case.  I have tried all at least 2 of my ManGlazes, and they are the same. They are tricky to apply as you have to do the first coat really fast to avoid dragging as the polish does dry quickly on the surface.  To get opacity, you need a second coat, which takes much longer to dry as I assume the first coat only dries to the touch, or on the top surface only.  Then, the denting, smearing, bunching occurs as I try to use my hands with still-wet matte polish.  They just were a mess.  So I top coated them the next day, and much better.  You can see on my middle finger how there is a chunk missing on the side, and that was because I probably nicked it just trying to take a picture and it was still smushy and came off.  Image what they looked like a few hours later.  This stuff just takes more than  an hour or two to dry, which is just not ok.

Overall, I love the names, the company, and the idea, but would I buy it again? No.  Would I recommend it to a friend?  Hell yes!  Super cool polishes, but I would warn them, I am not mean.  I would say they take a while to dry, so use top coat if you can't sit there with your hands frozen in place for more than 10 minutes.

ManGlaze is sold through Facebook, Amazon, and their own site.

Kairi and her "Unca" Jeep.  We call him her uncle because he is my parents' dog.  And yes, his name really is Jeep.  It was car month at the Small Dog Rescue group, so there was a Beemer and a Cadillac, and all that as well.

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