Tuesday, January 29, 2013

OPI Liquid Sand Can't Let Go

Liquid Sand......
super hard to photograph, so this is the best picture, and it is cut off, sadly...but here it is!

More pictures after the jump!
I was so excited to try this cool new "liquid sand" stuff, and now I am like, meh...

This was two coats.  I put a coat of topcoat on in between and let it dry and sink it overnight, then did the second coat in the morning.  I have seen reviews that it dries fast, but this is not fast enough for me. I would like to think the top coat helped it dry faster, but I didn't want to risk smudges, so I let it dry overnight.  This seems to be a similar problem to the ManGlaze polishes.

This is what it really looks like, sparkly, yes, but also gritty looking.

Not only did it look gritty, but it felt gritty, obviously, but I would describe it as snakeskin.  When I closed my hands it felt weird and gross.  Not my favorite.  I tried to top coat it, and 5 coats later it was still a bit rough on the one nail I tried it on.  The top coat really does sink in, so don't even bother.  You can't even tell there is top coat on some of these pictures because I applied it about 12 hours before I took the pictures, hoping it would help my nails dry faster.

Also, don't listen to OPI about it being easier to remove than other glitters - this is like any other thick glitter polish.  I used my soakers which I talk about in my tab at the top "Polish Routine and Products".

Overall, this polish was much more exciting than I thought it would be.  Much like the "Tranzitions" collection by China Glaze and the matte polish craze, I just can't deal with polish taking forever to dry without top coat.  I also don't like the unfinished look without top coat.  I think the more top coat, the better - the nails just look juicy, shiny and healthy with top coat.  I don't like my nails looking like snakes.  So, try it if you want to!  It is fun, and original, but don't buy the whole collection if you are unsure, just buy one like I did and try it out first.

This is my puppy at 7 weeks old.  We used to cart her around in an old Chinese food takeout box because she was too small to jump out yet.

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