Saturday, January 12, 2013

a-england Saint George and Holy Grail (new)

My absolutely favorite brand, a-england, is having a sale right now, so I thought I would hurry up and post this for you to peruse.

more pictures after the jump!

Here are very comprehensive a-england collection swatches from other amazing blogs:
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Saint George is the teal holo and Holy Grail is the gold accent finger.  The puppy is mine, and her name is Kairi!  Each polish needed only two coats, you can actually get away with 1 thick coat of pretty much all of a-england's polishes, they are that amazing!  All of Adina's polishes apply like butter and are opaque at one thick coat.  I usually do 2 thin coats because they apply so easily and dry faster with the thinner coats.  The holo is scattered in all her holo polishes, and the holos are just so sparkly!

This is the new Holy Grail formula, which is darker, and I like it much better than the very bright yellow old formula.  This one is much more wearable on a variety of skin tones than the old formula, which makes my yellow-tinted skin look diseased.

This last picture is in direct light so you can see how much they sparkle!  I absolutely loved this mani and my nails sparkled so much all day!

a-england polishes are the best and their customer service is truly unprecedented with free worldwide shipping and quick email responses from Adina herself!  Right now their sale is for all their polishes (best sale they have done yet!) - all polishes are 6 British pounds and they have some selected duos and trios for an even better discount of 10 pounds for duos and 14 pounds for trios.  Now is the time to try this brand!  You can buy only one polish and not have to worry about trying to fill your basket to meet the free shipping requirement and without breaking the bank!

For anyone wondering, that is the correct way to spell the brand name, I asked Adina herself just to make sure I got it right: a-england.  You do not capitalize the E in England and it is hyphenated, which is not seen on the bottles since they are so prettily decorated with the ornate "a".

As an example of her amazing customer service, I received this in the mail once:

I tried to clean up the other bottles (and there were about 6), but they were all ruined, and the acetone took off all the front labeling and the silver on the lids.  I contacted Adina, the creator of a-england, and she sent me the entire order again at no charge!  I was so blown away!

Not only are a-england polishes better than any other brand in application and beauty, they surpass any company I have ever ordered from for any product whatsoever in customer service.

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