Monday, January 28, 2013

KBShimmer Hex Appeal

Got so many compliments on this polish!  Someone even borrowed it for their toes!

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(Above) Here is a shot of the bottle labeling, bit hard to see on her darker polishes, but still nice.

Overall, a bit clumsy to work with, but man, if you love glitter like I do, I had to work to get glitter OFF of my nails because there was so much hanging off the edges.  No wonder it is called Hex Appeal because all the hex glitter in the world is in here.  There is so much glitter in this polish, I can't explain how awesome it is to see more glitter than actual polish.  Amazing.  This insane amount of glitter does make it somewhat difficult to paint, with the brushes clumped with glitter.  I used this strategy below when applying, or you can just do 3 very thin coats, but I wanted to experiment with doing thicker, more glitter heavy coats to see how well it covered as a jelly, and it did not disappoint!

3 coats:
coat 1: just cover the nail in a thin coat of the sheer jelly, not trying to get lots of  glitter
coat 2: very thick, trying to get a lot of coverage, lot of glitter in there
coat 3: adding more depth to the polish, covering up bald spots where there was slightly less glitter
top coat: use your thickest topcoat to really seal in all the large glitter chunks - I also used a cuticle stick to push glitter pieces away from cuticles and the edges of my nail before applying top coat

Next time I may try a more opaque undie to make it easier to apply!

When you look at the types of glitter in this polish, they are large, or there are at least enough large hexes to make it clumpy.  If you like lots of glitter, but don't like the clump, then look at some of KBShimmer's polishes with smaller glitter sizes.  There will still be a lot of glitter in there, but it will be smaller pieces and therefore easier to manage.

KBShimmer has both an Etsy store and a private website.  She also sells soaps and lotions and bathbombs.  I love her lotions and her soaps smell so nice!

Kairi!  She is modeling her new collar set from Learned Stitchworks on Etsy.  I highly recommend this seller.  Her products are better quality than anything from Petsmart and about the same price too.  I got metal hardware on the harness since it is so easily broken as plastic.  You can choose a variety of fabric colors and either a bowtie or flower to go on it.

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