Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ninja Polish First Snow

Looks like snow!  This is one coat of Ninja Polish First Snow over 2 coats of Zoya Shay.

more pictures after the jump!

I only did one coat of First Snow, but I could have done 2 coats for a denser look, I just didn't have the time when I did these photos.

Do you see the cool purple iridescent glitter in the last picture?  That is what is so neat about this polish - the Ninjas really tried to make it look like snow, complete with sparkle in the sunshine.  I like this one over the nude polish to make it look more like snow, but I want to also try it over a light blue.


  1. So gorgeous! I love Ninja Polish sadly I don't have any -_- LOL but it looks beautiful on your nails! So happy I found your blog!! :)

    1. Ninja Polish is great! I would highly recommend buying any polishes from them, and their own brand is fabulous with very high density glitter in great unique combos. Have you see their Alexandrite polish? It is so gorgeous!