Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Zoya Barbie

Barbie pink!  I love this color on me!

More pictures after the jump!

The next few pictures were taken inside under a lightsource to try and show the shimmery purple microglitter that is in this polish.  You have to look where the light is shining off the nails to see it, but you can see it on your nails in real life pretty much at any angle, just not very well in the shade.

This is 3 coats of Zoya Barbie, more on the application at the end.

These next few are more true to color as they were taken outside in the sun.

Zoya Barbie.  I bought this in the Zoya flash promos in December without really wanting it too badly, just saw good reviews of it online.  I love this color and I am so glad I got it now!  That being sad, application kind of sucked.  It took 3 coats to get it looking decent.  For someone that isn't a professional polisher, this is not a very user-friendly polish.  The first coat was super sheer, the second and third were lump and not self-leveling.  I spent most of the third coat just trying to avoid the different layers of polish to be seen at the edges and at the sides of each stroke, almost like it was chalky even though it was shiny and smooth, it looked like a chalky pastel when you added a layer.  It was just so difficult and frustrating, but I think the color was worth it.

Overall, if you love this color and have yellow-toned, sort of pale olive skin like me, then try it out during a sale at Zoya or Ulta.  I wouldn't rush to buy it, but I love the color and don't have a similar color in my collection.  The extra purple shimmer in it (see the earlier pictures) is a great plus, too.

My puppy at 7 weeks.  This shot really shows how tiny she was!  And fierce!  She really protected me from my parents' dog.  I felt so safe with this little ball of barks!

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