The purpose of this blog is to:
  • provide reviews and swatches of polishes I own
  • post pictures of my puppy and other puppies for added cuteness
  • be a resource for nail polish lovers
  • have fun with nail polish!
The goals of this blog are to:
  • post at least once a week
  • eventually swatch every polish I own and review their ease of application and general prettiness
  • provide information about the nail world when I deem necessary
  • be a safe environment for everyone to share their love of polish and puppies
  • provide responses to comments as time permits
  • acknowledge requests for color comparisons as time permits
  • sell and swap my nail polish via a "blog sale" page
The guidelines of this blog are to:
  • respect me, the blogger, and other viewers: leave comments you would like to read if you were a blogger or a viewer of a blog, meaning no spam comments and no hateful comments
  • enjoy the posts as they are, meaning do not expect me to do giveaways or amazing nail art, this is just a fun hobby for me
  • Pin and share this blog and its pictures honestly, meaning it would be nice if you mentioned you got the pictures from my blog, and it is not acceptable to claim this blog or its pictures as your own
Puppy time!  Here's Kairi, my 1 year old puppy, a mix of Yorkshire terrier, papillon, and pomeranian breeds.

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