Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cult Nails Flushed

The best dupe for Clarins 230 and/or Max Factor Fantasy Fire around, plus it isn't sheer.

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Oh man, do I love Cult Nails!  I love the company, the lady behind it all, the spirit of it, everything!  This is an Indie polish company that is by the polishers for the polishers!  Everything is so cute and well made and well marketed.  Just love it!

On to the polish!


Oh man do I feel flushed just looking at it!  It was such a dream to apply, 2 easy coats of liquid glass, super shiny finish.  This polish has also yet to see tip wear after one day, and it is so smooth, just like glass as I said.

Just look at the light purple glitter shimmering everywhere!

 I topped it off with Cult Nails Wicked Fast, their top coat, which is an amazing buy.  It is not thick and gloppy like most fast dry top coats and it also applies like liquid glass.  I apologize for saying glass so many times, but that is just what my nails look and feel like.  They look like blown purple glass with maybe wine inside, and they feel so smoothly coated, yet much stronger than glass.

As I said in the beginning, people tout this as a dupe for Clarins 230 or Max Factor Fantasy Fire.  I actually own Max Factor FF, and I will compare it someday, but honestly I don't care for FF too much. It comes in this awful mini bottle since it is meant to only be a special effect top coat.  The brush, therefore, is awful.  I would much rather have something as amazing as Flushed that can be layered with one coat over anything or by itself in only two coat.  I only liked FF because of how it looks over purple or blue anyway, which is exactly what Flushed looks like on its own.

Basically, what I am saying is, Cult Nails has this on limited edition and it is probably running out.  She was "thinking" of bringing it back full swing, but you never know!  I highly recommend this polish, and if you are still holding out on Clarins 230 or that wimpy bottle of Fantasy Fire, this is much better, my friends.

UPDATE: This is also the easiest polish to remove!  I can't believe there was no cuticle staining or scrubbing needed.  I applied like butter and came off like butter!  Also, after three days it still looked like I had just applied it, only the "wrapped tips" part had worn off, but no chips or tip wear otherwise.  This is one incredible polish!

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