Tuesday, January 29, 2013

f4polish Blue Jean Night

Only one picture of this, and not with my new camera (I think it may have even been my iPhone!  yikes!)

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This is 2 coats, and you can see a bit of visible nail line in the pictures, but you couldn't in real life when you don't have a flash and a magnifying lens.  The base is a "crelly" (a jelly-like cream), meaning it was sheer but thicker than a jelly and more opaque than a jelly.  The blue flakies in it are amazing, which is why I bought it.  I have never seen a polish like this before, but now I see a few others that are very similar with different colored bases, and I am not sure whose was first.  I guess it is along the lines of the white glitter creams after Jawbreaker by Pretty and Polished, but with flakies instead of glitter.  These flakies aren't sparkly or color changing like most flakies.  In fact, they may be more along the lines of "glitter shards" but maybe in the matte category instead.  Not sure exactly what they are, but a really unique polish!  There are a few other similar ones out by different brands with different colored bases, so if you don't like white shop around for a different base color.

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