Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise over Zoya Barbie

Glitter and My Little Ponies!  Love it!  Check out that micro shimmer!

More pictures after the jump!
Love this glitter!  This is 1.5 coats over 3 coats of Zoya Barbie, from a previous post.

Rainbow Honey really has a great product.  They come in the cutest little boxes and the bottles are really well done.  The problem though, is these mini bottles have awful brushes.  I wish the bottles were taller and less wide, and that the brushes actually reached at least halfway down.  More on the application at the end.

This polish has a beautiful shimmer jelly pink base, but it is very light, so I would recommend a good undie.  There is yellow and pink microglitter shimmer in the base, giving it this beautiful iridescent look.  The larger glitter is a big mix of sizes and shapes, a little bar glitter thrown in there amongst the hexes.

Because the brushes in the mini bottles are so short, the shortest I have ever seen in a mini bottle, you have to kind of poke your nail with it on the second coat, which is why I said this is 1.5 coats.  The first coat I was just trying to get the shimmery base down, the second coat I just dabbed around and filled in holes, I didn't really paint with strokes too much on either coat because of the brush.  This doesn't mean there was not a lot of glitter on each stroke, oh no.  There is so much glitter, the density is great per brush stroke.  If you get a mini bottle, be sure to turn it upside down for a minute or so to get the glitter near the brush since it can't reach anything.

Overall, I love the unique iridescent base and the glitter colors, but the mini bottles are awful.  I bought a bunch of minis from this My Little Pony collection, since I wanted to try a lot of them, but I would suggest you buy a full size bottle of any polishes you really like and will be using a lot.  I haven't tried any of her less glittery polishes, but I would definitely not get any of those as a mini bottle, that would be very very difficult to apply.

This is my boyfriend kissing the little furball at 7 weeks old.  I love this picture so much!  Look how cute she is!  She even sat still for a second.  She loves hiding under the couch and she still does!  I call it "Kairi's Place" since nothing else fits under there.  I wish this picture was not so dark, but this was before my new camera, and I think it was with my iPhone, too, awful.  Oh well!  Enjoy the cuteness!

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