Monday, April 29, 2013

KBShimmer Witch Way

Jelly with glitters!

This is three coats.

More pictures after the jump!

So I was just disappointed in this polish, and I was kind of disappointed in the other jelly glitters I got from KBShimmer.  I had to do three coats, and I HATE having to do 3 coats, so I better love the polish.  It just didn't look as deep and mysterious as it did on the the other beautiful bloggers' nails.  I was sad about that.  It is still is a great polish though, and I just need to accept that a jelly polish full of glitter is going to be thick and hard to apply, complete with the sheerness of the jelly requiring an extra coat.

In comparison, Butter London's Black Knight is much much gloppier and almost painful to apply.  This polish, Witch Way, is not hard to apply, just hard to apply if you want it to look absolutely perfect without bumps and all even layers on the edges, like on the other blogs.  You know what I mean.  The glitter makes it thicker in some areas, especially on the tips when you wrap them.  If you have tried KBShimmer's other jelly glitters like Hex Appeal, then the formula is consistent with this one, they are all the same type of formula, just to give you a good idea.

Overall:  Cool polish, just not as amazing an application as I had hoped for looking at the perfect pictures on other blogs.  Still, if you like how it looks, and you are willing to do a third coat to even everything out, go for it!

Puppy time!  Poor wet baby!  Hates baths!

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