Monday, April 29, 2013

Different Dimension Whatever

This is a neon sort of scattered holo, but not really.  More like a neon with holo particles in it, but they are almost frozen.  Basically not a strong holo anything or glitter anything.

This is 2 coats, applied like a dream!  Great color payoff!  This is is a color accurate photo, and this is what the frozen glitter looks like most of the time, not sparkly.

More pictures after the jump!

These last 3 pictures are somewhat color accurate, as in this color looks completely different than the first pictures in the shade, but the color is a neon, so it does look brighter in full light.  However, I would definitely say the polish is usually like the first, darker more blue purple than the bright magenta in the sun.

However, you should see what I am talking about with the holo particles that even in the sun they do not sparkle, like they are frozen.  What would be a great idea would be to put a holo glitter top coat over it.

Overall: Great application and formula with a lovely purple neon color.  Not enough sparkle for me - I was expecting an obvious scattered holo like the a-england polishes, not this frozen glitter particle look. I am sad about that, but maybe they will make for a great gift for a friend since I got three of the colors from this Different Dimension 80s collection.

Puppy Time!  She's just so wittle!  Apparently she has to pee here, how cute of her patiently wait while I took a picture!

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