Sunday, April 28, 2013

Butter London Jasper and a Nail Dress Sticker

Yellow polish!  Butter yellow!  Never would have thought, but gorgeous!  This is 2 coats with a sticker for an accent, more details after the jump!

More pictures after the jump!

So I don't own any yellow polish, unless you count gold or off white polishes.  However, when you go to Ulta especially for their Butter London sale day to get half price on the new Spring 2013 collection, and the only one they have left is the yellow, you just get it.  I have been thinking about getting a nice pastel yellow, but it had to be pale enough to not be yellow in your face, and it had to go with my olive skin tone.  Wowzers, this polish was the best buy ever!  I am officially a pastel yellow fan!  I even recently bought a yellow and white lace dress, and it goes perfectly!

Isn't it so pretty!  Such a nice light yellow color!  Pretty great application for a pastel as well. This is 2 coats, and it did apply like butter.  The only issue is one I see in a lot of good pastels, good as in not streaky or chalky.  It had that tendency to make the second coat or second brush stroke not level out into the previous layer, as in you could see where the second layer started if you didn't start the stroke at the exact same spot.  Basically it was just a bit thick, but you needed it to be thick.  I still give it an A plus since I would much rather have a very opaque pastel that is a bit thick than the streaky mess of the awful, the most disgusting excuse for a nail polish that is OPI Gargantuan Green Grape, of which I found a replacement here (I am still so angry at the GGG, and I don't think I will ever get over it).

Bottom line, this polish is amazing and if you not a yellow lover but have been thinking about a nice yellow, this is your buy!  Wait for a sale or an Ulta coupon though, glad I snagged this at only $9 not $15 or whatever heinous price they are stealing from us.

As for  the accent nail, I used a sample nail sticker by the Nail Dress brand I got in the new Nail It! Magazine.  It came with what 6 or 8 samples, all one nail each, so either you try it and take it off or use it as an accent nail like I did.  Honestly the other ones were all too high school for me to wear, as in a mess of colors and fake rhinestone looking things that just were meant to be loud and not bothering with coordination at all.  This one, however, was just gorgeous and lacy looking, perfect for my taste!   The one nail sticker provided for this style was actually so long I could cut it in half and fit it perfectly over my ring finger on each hand, so the hands matched, which is also great news for those with long nails, these are plenty long.  The sticker was probably about as easy to apply as most I would assume, but I have never tried a sticker before.  Honestly, having to size it to fit your nail is just the worst.  Once you stick it on, you are meant to be able to file off the edge to have it fit to the length of your nail.  Well, the sticker was sticky and had a jelly feel with 3D bumps on it to make the lace design, not the best to file off without leaving an awful edge.  Basically the edge was its undoing.  Because it wasn't a clean cut on the edge, I couldn't seal it with topcoat very well, and therefore it started to peel off or come unstuck at the edge within 2 days.

Overall, I loved how the nail sticker looked with the yellow polish.  It was easy to stick on, but hard to seal in for lasting wear.  It would not be something I would buy unless it was on sale or for a special occasion or manicure idea.  Definitely not part of my usual nail polish buys but definitely a cool option for artistic nails without the fuss.

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