Sunday, April 28, 2013

f4polish Rainforest over JulieG Gelato in Venice

Rainforest is a really cool glitter topper with blue and green glitters, some of which are matte glitters.  It is super awesome!  Here it is over JulieG Gelato in Venice.

The picture above shows how I applied it in two coats in a glitter gradient style.  I like this better than just regular glitter coats, which is pictured after the jump!

Here is more of the gradient below:

Above is the glitter applied in just two regular coats, no gradient.  You see what I mean with the gradient looking so much cooler?  I think it is because the glitter is much darker than the base so it looks so sparse when just applied normally, but it really stands out prettily when applied in a gradient.  Regardless you can see the coverage with 2 coats here pretty clearly.  No fishing for glitter or anything, and you get a good mix of the glitters with each stroke.

Puppy time!  Here she is with a mustache toy that she got in a Barkbox, great idea but all she wanted to do was bite off the ends, not hold it in her mouth so it looked like she was wearing a mustache, ah well!

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