Monday, April 29, 2013

a-england Lancelot

My favorite brand of all time.  Just can't get enough of it.  The incredible application and color payoff is just unmatched by any other brand I have ever tried or owned.  And I own a lot, so trust me on this one.  Consistent formula and highly pigmented, a-england can be bought at Llarowe or Ninja Polish.  She no longer can ship outside of the UK, which is sad since she used to offer free International shipping.  Royal Mail screwed all the nail polish fans over, same with the USPS and all that.  UGGGHH!!

OMG my nails look soo good here!  Too bad they recently broke again.  This is 2 coats, you could totally just do one coat, as with most a-england polishes.

More pictures after the jump!

Lancelot is so pretty, a deep deep bloody wine red, so deep red it looks like a black that got mixed with blood, so it looks like dirty black I guess.  You can see the red at the edges and where it stained my cuticles, yeah it is a stainer, watch out when you clean up.  Definitely not my type of color thought.  I was mostly wearing it to use as undies the next day.

I love a-england sooo sooo soo much!  Just so much!  I want to go put one on right now!  If had to give away all my polishes save one brand, it would be them, without a thought, right now, stranded on a desert island or whatever.

Lancelot, like all of their polishes, of which I have almost all of them, applied like butter.  More buttery than even the falsely named Butter London.  Opaque in one coat.  These pictures are 2 coats though since I am not the perfect polisher and I leave bald spots on occasion, so it is just easier to default to two coats.  It leveled so nicely.  UGGGGHHH beautiful!!!  Anyway, it is so dark that i stained my cuticles when I cleaned my edges with acetone, so just watch that.  Honestly I like that it stained my cuticles a bit since it showed the true red color of it, adding to the vampy look, like a vampire nail!  Drowning in its own bloody mess!  Mwahahahaha!

Overall, just buy all the a-england polishes you can, and now, this minute, or wait for a sale, which may not happen now that she can't sell out of the UK anymore, so just buy them now, from Llarowe or Ninja Polish.  If you really read this whole sentence, then you missed out since I just bought their whole stock and will hoard all their polishes for myself!  They are that good.

Puppy time!  I love this one, this is the first day her ears stood up!  They became sticky up ears!  You can see one is still trying to decide, but they now stick up without effort all the time!  She honestly looks so dumb and goofy sometimes, like she is permanently surprised and excited all the time.

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