Monday, April 29, 2013

a-england Iseult

OMG!! How pretty is this!  I wore this for a scientific research poster competition, and it just the most delicate shade of pale pink with a bit of shimmer.  A little too pale and therefore noticeable for a very business formal interview or career fair for me, but great for a more business casual than business formal event like a poster symposium where you are networking.

OMG SO PRETTY!!! DROOL!!  Now, for all my gushing over a-england and their incredible consistent formula, this one was a bit sheer, and I did have to use a third coat to make sure I covered all the bald spots.  You could get away with 2 thicker coats if you are a great polisher, but I prefer thinner coats to get it looking good, so I had to do three.  Totally worth it!

More pictures after the jump!

Can you see the shimmer?  It is really subtle, but definitely there.  It is probably a micro glitter that matches the pigment of the polish itself, making it a subtle shimmer.  I love it!

So work appropriate and so light and feminine!  Do keep in mind what I said at the beginning, that it is a bit pale and therefore too noticeable for a business formal event like an interview or career fair.  Looking at these photos, maybe I was wrong to even wear it to the poster competition.  I was still successful so I guess it wasn't as noticeable as I think it was.

Overall: amazing as usual with a-england, however due to the light color of the polish, it was a bit sheer and I had to break the 2 coater rule and do a third thin coat.

Puppy Time!  Here is Kairi getting eaten by a ghoul goblin thing at the Renaissance Festival pet weekend!  So much fun!  Highly recommend taking your dog if you can!

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