Sunday, December 23, 2012

Puppy Time!

This blog promised polish AND puppies, so here are a few picks of my darling Kairi!

A few more pics after the jump!
Kairi turned one year old recently, and she is a Yorkshire terrier mixed with a paperanian (pomeranian and papillon mix).  I got her from a friend of mine whose dog had a small litter of puppies.

(Above) She likes to look out the front door window at people passing by.

Her ears are just so comically big!  I will post some photos in another blog post showing how her ears used to be floppy and then they became upright.  They are just like satellites sometimes.  She looks up at you and all you see are big pale ears being turned towards you, focusing in like a satellite.  Hope you enjoyed some more puppy pictures in your life!

We are also currently subscribing to Barkbox, an online mailing subscription that mails us lovely doggie packages once a month containing treats and toys.  I will probably post a big more about those too, as we love Barkbox, worth every penny!


  1. I just discovered your blog today & I already love it! <3