Sunday, December 30, 2012

Puppy Cake and Video!

Time for a puppy post!

Kairi, my puppy, and I subscribe to Barkbox, which sends you a box every month, usually containing at least one full size bag of treats, a new toy or two, and a few extras, such as a $10 giftcard to  For December's box, we got a box of puppy cake mix!  And what good puppy mom wouldn't let her baby lick the bowl and spoon!

More pictures after the jump!

Here are some pictures of the box and ingredients below.  Basically, it is beet flavored, or at least it smells like it, and that is what gives it the "red velvet" coloring.

More bowl licking (above)

Here is what they looked like after baking (above).  They had a microwave or an oven option, which is great since I don't like spending a long time cooking.  I poured the batter into little tupperware bowls and microwave them, which smelled like cooking beets, ugh!  I figured I would just let her eat them straight out of the bowls.  The box says it makes either a 6 inch round cake or 6 cupcakes, but I am not sure what size cupcakes that would be as these bowls are pretty close to cupcake size, maybe slightly bigger.  I could probably have gotten 4 or maybe 5 normal cupcakes out of the batter, but I don't have a cupcake tin on hand, and the microwave idea is way easy.  The icing was actually a lot like human icing, as in it was thick and easy to spread, you just added water to the pouch of dehydrated frosting (mostly yogurt as the ingredients say).

Eating time!  Look at that mess!

(Above)  Here you can clearly see her eyes bugging out over eating cake.

(Above)  My little vacuum!

And to show how smart she is, here is Kairi rolling her boll around to get her kibble out for dinner.  It is called an IQ Treat Ball Toy, and I got it from Amazon for about $7 plus shipping, if you are interested.  This video is after about a week of using the ball - it takes a bit for your dog to understand how it works.  It comes with this insert inside that has an adjustable opening to control how many kibble bits fallout with each roll.  This proved too challenging, and I started her out with just the ball, no insert at all to get her going for a few days.  Now, as seen in the video, she is a wiz at it in less than a week!  I started putting the insert back in, but she is still finishing her dinner pretty quickly already.

Let me know if you have a cool puzzle dog toy to try and how smart your dog is!


  1. Congrats on your new blog! Your puppy is very cute! -Jaclyn, Zeke and Brinlee @ Puppies and Pawlish

    1. Oh thank you! I am glad you like it! Your puppies are adorable too! Yay first comment!

  2. Too cute! Gonna have to get some for my girls. :-)

    1. I would suggest using the oven method, not microwave if you d get them since the cupcakes did seem to dry out after a week of being in the fridge. I only have the one dog, so I had to spread out the cupcakes over a week, and by the time she ate the last cupcake, she actually didn't finish it, which is surprising for her to leave anything behind.