Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Blog! and Zoya Blaze

First, I would like to start off with some goals for the blog:
  • To share my nail polish addiction hobby and pictures
  • To share pictures of my puppy, Kairi, and other puppies
  • To only post as long as it is fun for me, meaning whenever I have time or feel like it
  • To try to answer comment questions when I can

To start, here is a lovely picture of Zoya Blaze, my new favorite polish that I got in the recent Zoya Flash Promos they had the first week of December.

More pictures after the jump!

This is two coats, and it applied like butter.  Blaze is a jelly-ish formula, meaning it is not think and pigmented like a cream, but it is not sheer because of the amount of holo glitter in it!  It is simply amazing, the amount of glitter!  The color is a very deep pink-red, I would not call it red because of the pink tint and the glitter.

Above you can really see at the edges how it has the jelly sheer-ness

(Above) You still get a little sparkle even in the shade

What you see in the bottle is what you get with this one!  No tricks on the amount of glitter coming onto the nail.  Full glitter experience!  Love it!

If you don't like red nail polish, like me, then this is the closest you will get to a red, the deep pink with glitter is a perfect substitute for no red polish in your life.

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