Wednesday, July 10, 2013

China Glaze Atlantis

Sparkle like a mermaid! Yes, you can, with the old polish China Glaze Atlantis. Straight from the sunken wreckage, Atlantis is now available from select treasure hunters on Amazon and Ebay. I used some credits to buy it, but it wasn't super expensive like some VHTF (Very Hard to Find) polishes. It is just a retired polish, so not available in stores.
Polish and Puppies: China Glaze Atlantis
This is 2 thick coats or 3 thin coats.
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Polish and Puppies: China Glaze Atlantis
So, I was hoping this would be a teal version of Zoya's Blaze, but sadly it wasn't. It was still really amazing, but the opacity was not as good and the glitter was different. I would say there are bigger chunks of holo glitter in Atlantis than in Blaze, which has a more microglitter look to it. The Atlantis formula is also more of a sheer jelly than Blaze which is more opaque. With Atlantis, I am pretty sure I had to do 3 coats or at least touch up the second coat on most of my fingers since the first coat was so thin and shear.

Polish and Puppies: China Glaze Atlantis
Even though the formula was a bit more sheer jelly than I would like, it was very easy to apply, not gloopy or clumpy. It went on really easy, and I just had to fill in some bald spots after the second coat to get an even opacity on some nails.
Polish and Puppies: China Glaze Atlantis
This is a blurred unfocused photo to show you the glitter.
Overall: CG Atlantis is an amazing polish and I am so glad to finally own it! It is super sparkly and my favorite color of teal! Even though it is the exact formula I was hoping for after using Blaze, it was still a great buy!
Polish and Puppies: China Glaze Atlantis
This is my puppy in her hideout place, which I call Kairi's place since she's the only one that fits there.

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