Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SOG: FingerPaints Gel Polish Cool Blue Harmony

I finally did it....I bought my own gel polish kit, reviewed on the Soak-Off Gel Polish tab! I used some coupons at Sally's to buy the FingerPaints Gel Polish Starter Kit and the LED lamp. It was really easy to apply and cure, and it turned out beautiful, just like the salon does it! I followed the instructions at Lulu and Sweet Pea for doing gel nails at home.

This is from Day 3, and still no wear or tear on it!
More pictures after the jump!
This is two thin coats of Cool Blue Harmony using the complete FingerPaints SOG Polish Starter Kit and LED Lamp.
It is sooooo glossy and smooth! Like a nice smooth plastic layer protecting my nails. I am hoping they will grow out longer from occasional gel use because no matter how many products I try, I am just too hard on my brittle nails. They break so easily!
Overall: Cool Blue Harmony applied so nicely! Two easy coats, no pooling or bald spots like I have heard some gel polishes can be like. It was very nice and opaque, making it very easy to create a smooth edge along my cuticle line.

As far as the rest of the FingerPaints SOG polish kit, I had only a bit of trouble with the top coat. It was very liquidy, like way more than regular polish so I wasn't used to the consistency. It pooled on a few fingers around my cuticles, creating a bit of an edge that I didn't see until after it cured. That means those parts will probably peel first as the nail grows out since it is sticking out from where the nail reaches the cuticle wall. I tried to use an orange stick to scrape away some of the top coat, but it did not work so well. Does anyone know how you can clean up gel polish if it gets on your cuticles? Can you just use an acetone soaked brush like with regular polish? I also noticed that while you are curing, when you look into the light, you can see the uv glow of the plish, and you can see where the polish is on your cuticles. Would I be able to scrape the polish off in those areas if I pulled my fingers out of the light only a few seconds into curing, or would it be too late? I was too nervous to do so, and I am wondering if anyone else has tried this first?
Does anyone have any other great blog posts about applying SOG polish at home?
Polish and Puppies: SOG: FingerPaints Gel Polish Cool Blue Harmony
This is Kairi with her "Uncle" Jeep.

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