Nail Polish Destash Sale!

Nail Polish Blog Sale

Shipping Prices:

USA: $3.00 for the first item and .50 for each additional item

No International Shipping

No Refunds

Items will be sent packed securely in bubble wrap in a small shipping box.  I cannot be responsible for damage done to items once they are out of my hands. The above rates include tracking but not insurance so let me know if you want this added.  For larger orders over 10-15 polishes, I will use a flat rate box with an extra charge of $6 for the US.

I accept payment via Paypal. I prefer the gift or family/friends option but am also happy to send an invoice that includes the 5% Paypal fee. Please do not send payment until I have confirmed the total/availability. If payment has not been received within 24 hours I will allow someone else to purchase the item(s). (Unless otherwise arranged.)

Please contact me at if you would like to purchase anything or if you have any other questions.

All polishes have been swatched unless noted otherwise.

Photos may not be color accurate, you may want to search for swatches to be sure you are getting the color you want. Some polishes have some settling but are fine once shaken!

Items in red are pendingCrossed out items have been sold.

*Updated as of 11/12/15*

Price estimates are given below, but the more you buy, the more willing I am to negotiate.

Color Club $4 each: Astral, Sky High, Wing Fling, Metamorphosis, Fly With Me

Color Club $4 each for large, $2 for minis: Tweet Me, Twiggie, Starry Temptress, Space Case

Glow in the Dark Pumpkin Free with other purchase, Darling Diva $8: Flirt, Anna, Wardrobe Malfunction, Kleancolor $2: Chunky Holo Black, Chunky Holo Candy

Pahlish Train Underwater $10, Amy's Nail Boutique $8 for large, $4 for minis: Fiesta!, Nautical Nonsense, One Sweet World, Roxy

Paris Sparkles $8 each: Celery Stalker, Chrome, Pink Speckled, Nail Potions by Kunimitsu $8 each: Atom and Eva, Pixels

Esmaltes de Kelly $10 each: Rainbow, Kishan, Lonely is the Night, Kelsey

Cadillacquer $8 each: Where is Carl?, Easy as Pie, Butter London $8 each: Jasper, The Black Knight, Sprog

Pretty and Polished $8 each: Valentino, Dalmation Nation, Jawbreaker, Boy Bleu, Power Cosmic

Pretty and Polished minis $4 each: Party on my Yacht, Forgery, Tart, Happy Birthday 2013, Aqua Daisy minis $4 each: Succulent, You're a Firework

Aqua Daisy Beauty School Dropout $4, 365 Days of Color minis $4 each: Old Time Movie, Now in Technicolor, Birthday Bash, Cotton Candy, Sassy Lacquer minis $4 each: Pumpkin Spice, Burgermeister Meisterburger

Daring Digits minis $4 each: Earth, Ice, Snow Flurries, Moondust, Girls' Night Out, Mix my Matte Up

Sinful Colors $4 each: Leap Flog, Nail Junkie, Naild'it Unique Nail Polish Froggy Pond $8

Rainbow Honey Collection
$15 for all 5 minis from MLP FIM
Buy 4 get one free full size bottles

Rainbow Honey My Little Pony MLP FIM Collection minis in original boxes $4 each, $15 for the set: 20% Cooler, The Element of Magic, The Worst Possible Thing, A Little Kindness, Pinkie Promise

Rainbow Honey My Little Pony MLP FIM Collection full size bottles in original boxes $10 each: 20% CoolerHoof WrasslePinkie Promise, A Little Kindness, The Element of Magic

Rainbow Honey My Little Pony MLP FIM Collection full size bottles in original boxes $10 each: The Worst Possible Thing, Rainbow Honey Limited Edition full size bottles in original boxes $10: Bubble Beam, and $4 for the mini I Miss You

Nails Inc $10 each or $20 for all three: Topping Lane, Pudding Lane, Sweets Way, Ylin color changing heat sensitive polish purple to pink $8

Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam $10 each: Hatched, Flower Child, Elevation Polish $10: Mount Cangyan, piCture pOlish Denim $10

Happy Hands $8 each or $12 for both: Sandcastles in the Sand, I Just Blue Myself, Motherboy, Hits Phenomena Moonbow $8, Finger Paints Pink Imagination $4

Glam Polish $8 Frankenslime, Ninja Polish $10 each: Shattered Star, Sexy & I Know It, Jindie Nails G Code $10, Dandy Nails Look Around $8

f4polish $8 each: Fruity Pebbles Sprinkles, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainforest, Blue Jean Night, Smitten Polish Hocus Pocus $8

f4polish minis $4 each: Mint Chocolate Chip, Snow Cap Mountain, Space Mountain, Abominable, Luch Lacquer minis $4 each: Dreamsicle, Bubble Yummy

KBShimmer $8 each: Don't Teal Anyone, Hex Appeal, Witch Way, Newsprint, Party

Cult Nails - discontinued
$20 each or Buy 5 get one free

Cult Nails $20 each: Nevermore, Living Water, I Got Distracted, Spontaneous, Cruisin' Nude

Cult Nails $20 each: Let Me Fly, Manipulative, Princess, Hypnotize Me, Feelin' Froggy, Captivated

$4 each or $40 for all 14 polishes

Ulta $4 each: Piñata-Yada-Yada, Set the Nude, Snow White, Into Astrono-Me?, Dance Teal Dawn

Ulta $4 each: The Jungle Look, Maine Attraction, Blue Streak, Moody Blues, Blues Cruise

Ulta $4 each: Celebutante, Plum Perfect, Vintage Violet, Flamingo

$4 per large bottle, $2 per mini bottle, or $40 for all 9 large bottles and 5 minis

Orly $4 each: Mysterious Curse, Galaxy Girl, Out of This World, Lunar Eclipse, Stone Cold

Orly $4 each: Spazmatic, Can't Be Tamed, Preamp, Frolic

Orly minis $2 each: Nite Owl, It's Not Me It's You, Fowl Play, Limelite, Calypso Breeze

China Glaze
$4 each or $20 for all 6 bottles

China Glaze $4 each: Riveting, Roguish Red, Harvest Moon, Fast Track

China Glaze $4 each: Bermuda Breakaway, Towel Boy Toy

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  1. Hi! I have no idea if you still have these polishes, but I'd love to buy KBShimmer: Newsprint from you.